Hi there,

The new website might need some explanation because it’s still under construction.
To be honest with you, it has been a bumpy ride after closing down the store in May. I lost somebody dear to me, just after it.

But, Kolifleur Studio is on its way. It will be a new experience than you know but it will definitely have the Kolifleur vibe :)

Maybe you need some guidance with the terms, so I’ll try to give some meaning to them.


From store to ‘Curated Collections’:
With Kolifleur I’ve tried to create an open space. A space that goes beyond walls. It’s about thoughts. How we want to be as a consumer. Better to buy one item you love than three you ‘ medium love’ is something I use in my own life and it works really well for me. Because you have got less to choose, you have less to worry about. Plus, if you like all the items in your closet, not so much can go wrong. You can combine them again and again because they are classic basic pieces that suit you well. If you invest in a wintercoat, better buy a quality secondhand than a fastfashion one that will be only cool this winter. That way of thinking I’d like to bring over. Letting people know about circular economy, where their clothes came from and what effect their choices have.

Just like at the store, there will be a lot of secondhand clothes at the Pop-Ups. And vintage ceramics. But I also love to select work from young (Dutch) designers to add to the collections, at this moment mostly ceramics. And the plants go so very well with all these other items. Plants really make me happy, so I hope to inspire you!


How do I select the Curated Collections?
I select the items I love, but I never know what I will find since most of my items are secondhand or vintage. What I cán promise is quality, fun, and the Kolifleur style.
The Curated Collections are completely random, that’s what I love about them. Randomness is one of the best things in life, if you ask me, not having to choose but it being chosen for you. Sometimes something just feels good.
What inspires me at this moment: classical music, Japan, Scandinavian design, wild flowers, minimalism, botanical gardens, city farms and people who dare to go after their dreams.”


About the new category Green city inspiration.
I’ve been wanting to learn how to photograph for a long time, that’ s why I created Green city inspiration. In this series I will be taking pics of streets and places that have a ‘green’ component in them. Whether that is a beautiful tree, an innovative company, a green way of living or a sustainable fashion brand. How can we make life a bit better? For all, and for ourselves. I think it comes with appreciating what you have without wanting more. With simplifying your life, really connecting, paying more attention to detail. With choosing what you want from the heart.


Where does Kolifleur Studio go from here?
Because visualisation is important in creating your life, the things I dream about for the future: become more familiar with the production of ceramics, find a workspace to create, inspire and connect,
refurbish old furniture, become a better photographer, create with plants and flowers and time to live and enjoy the little things in life.

Well, that’s that.
So many exciting things to look forward to :)

Have a great day dear followers!

X Eva