We’ve added some mighty fine brands to the collection. Jewelry by Eva Schreuder, Ceramics by Studio Harm en Elke and Scented soywax candles by Omstebeurt.

Jewelry by Eva Schreuder:
Eva Schreuder’s jewelry is made in her atlier in Leiden. In a perfect world she would be able to make everything herself. From the vegetables she eats to the plates she eats them off. For now she sticks to making nice little items that she treats like presents for those who buy them.

Ceramics by Studio Harm en Elke:
Studio Harm en Elke is a cooperation between Harm van den Nieuwenhof and Elke van den Berg. Two young designers who both graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven. They share a studio and their skills to design their own products. The studio is located in the design city Eindhoven, The Netherlands. At this industrial location they design, experiment, eat, produce and make a big mess.

Scented soywax candles by Omstebeurt:
LOCHT is air. Groningen air. Delish air in an authentic glass medicine jar. She comes in ten different variations, is handmade in Groningen (NL) with natural ingredients and will last for at least 20 hours. Available at Kolifleur: basil, bergamot, orangeblossom, pomelo, sage and fig.