Some of you may wonder what I have been up to these last few months. Well, it is not as much as I would want because I have been living under a rock mostly. But that was what I needed in order to refind myself. To rest and reflect. It is a process I am still going through. The last year I have come to realise I really miss nature and space to be creative. I also need a lot more rest than I have been getting. My somewhat highly sensitive personality is protesting against all my eagerness ;)

So, this means I took some decisions. No permanent ones yet, but there is a direction.

I am working on plans to become a creative entrepreneur, in nature. I am trying to let things evolve in a natural way instaid of hurrying and pushing them, like I used to do. But I realise that my desire for both rest (yin) and action (yang) is my driving force. It is both scary and exciting to really listen to my own silence.

To be continued...

Xx Eva