Bruinlabel is a dutch brand made by Rianne Bruin.
She creates timeless and pure products. In the studio it's possible to choose your own specific type of leather. The pattern making and cutting of the leather are done by hand by the designer herself.

Naomi Rachèl Timan

Naomi loves to inspire and be inspired. In this consumer society there are already a lot of beautiful materials that've been made. Why not use these materials again, instead of throwing them away? Give it a new life. This is when the "I WAS A ....." collection came to exist. Naomi makes everything herself. 


Sandra Roozen is the creative brains behind the leather bags and accessories of PUC, Personalised Unique Collection. The items are designed and handmade in the Netherlands.  

Willemijn van Dijk

Willemijn van Dijk designs cool and effortless bags with an unexpected twist. The bags are made of high quality leather in subtle colours.