Kirstie van Noort

Kirstie van Noort (1986) sees design as a way to communicate a certain process or the story behind a material. When she is intrigued by one of these a study starts by making detailed test and experiments. The outcome of the research could form the foundation of the concept behind a final product or result in the research itself.

Studio Harm & Elke

Studio Harm en Elke is a cooperation between Harm van den Nieuwenhof and Elke van den Berg. Two young designers who both graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven. They share a studio and their skills to design their own products. The studio is located in the design city Eindhoven, The Netherlands. At this industrial location they design, experiment, eat, produce and make a big mess.

Studio HearHear

Studio Hear Hear is a small collection of ceramics made by Rena Noordermeer. The collection is inspired by nature, unexpected treasures and wonderful moments. All products are built (coiled), sculpted from slabs, casted and glazed by Rena in her bright studio loft in Assendelft, a small town just outside Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Studio Ineke van der Werff

Single glass by Studio Ineke van der Werff is an investigation into a new, high-quality application for this waste glass. A series of porcelain objects demonstrates the many possibilities of using waste glass in glazes. The designs show recognisable elements of glass packaging to reveal the origin of the glass.