Walk into Kolifleur and you feel you’ve stepped into the dressing room of your dreams: a collection of secondhand pieces from Isabel Marant to Filippa K, white wood floors, sunlight streaming through stained glass windows, plants everywhere, and a memorable soundtrack.

Owner and social entrepreneur Eva Koolen, who started selling second-hand clothing online when she was in law school, uses her personal style to design her shop rather than concentrating on trends alone. She offers a new and fresh collection with a small carbon footprint, telling the story behind the season’s inspiration through original shop and window displays.

Passionate about sustainability, redistribution and local production, Eva offers a stylish alternative to consumerism and throwaway fashion. She seeks to bring fashionable clothing to her clients while encouraging them to buy sustainably. With Kolifleur she has created an environment for her ever-evolving vision for a conscious and passion-filled life, a relaxed and creative space for everyone who walks through the door.