After graduating Law in 2014 Eva Koolen started Kolifleur because she wanted to create a space for women to come together and enjoy clothes plants and ceramics.

Eva loves vintage, especially combined with new items. And Eva loves clothes, eversince she was young. She has a good eye for quality and knows what women want for their wardrobe. Her collections are modern, comfortable and elegant. They have a certain woman in mind. A strong, independent women who dares to express herself. A woman who thinks about the future in her spending behaviour.

Buying second-hand clothes is basically more sustainable than buying new clothes. This is because no new item is purchased but the life of the initial item is extended. This reduces the use of raw materials such as water, oil and energy. However, the production of the second-hand item doesn't need to be ethically established. Often the working conditions in the fabrication of clothing are poor and little consideration is given to the environment. Therefore Kolifleur is currently exploring how to add new sustainable and fair clothes to the Curated Collections. More info soon...